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interception the act of intercepting or the condition of being intercepted. [2 definitions]
interceptor any person or thing that interrupts the movement or progress of something; anyone or anything that intercepts. [2 definitions]
intercession an act or instance of mediating or intervening in a dispute. [2 definitions]
intercessor one who intercedes.
interchange to exchange the positions of (two things). [5 definitions]
interchangeable of two things, able to be put or used in place of each other. [2 definitions]
interchannel combined form of channel.
interchromosomal combined form of chromosomal.
interchurch combined form of church.
intercity between or among cities.
interclan combined form of clan.
interclass combined form of class.
interclub combined form of club.
intercluster combined form of cluster.
intercoastal combined form of coastal.
intercollegiate involving two or more different colleges or universities.
intercolonial combined form of colonial.
intercom a device or system that allows communication from room to room; intercommunications system.
intercommunal combined form of communal.
intercommunicate to communicate or speak with one another. [3 definitions]
intercommunity combined form of community.