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intercoastal combined form of coastal.
intercollegiate involving two or more different colleges or universities.
intercolonial combined form of colonial.
intercom a device or system that allows communication from room to room; intercommunications system.
intercommunal combined form of communal.
intercommunicate to communicate or speak with one another. [3 definitions]
intercommunity combined form of community.
intercompany combined form of company.
intercomparison combined form of comparison.
interconnect to connect or cause to be connected one to the other or others.
intercontinental related to or carried on between or among continents. [2 definitions]
intercorporate combined form of corporate.
intercostal relating to the area between the ribs; located between the ribs. [2 definitions]
intercountry combined form of country.
intercounty combined form of county.
intercouple combined form of couple.
intercourse sexual relations, esp. coital relations. [2 definitions]
intercrater combined form of crater.
intercrystalline combined form of crystalline.
intercultural combined form of cultural.
interculturally combined form of culturally.