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interculture combined form of culture.
interdealer combined form of dealer.
interdenominational between, among, common to, or involving different religious denominations.
interdepartmental between, among, or involving two or more departments.
interdepartmentally combined form of departmentally.
interdepend combined form of depend.
interdependence combined form of dependence.
interdependency combined form of dependency.
interdependent relying on one another; mutually dependent.
interdialectal combined form of dialectal.
interdict a legal prohibition to act. [4 definitions]
interdigitate to interlace or interlock, as the fingers of both hands.
interdisciplinary involving, joining, or combining two or more fields of study.
interdistrict combined form of district.
interdivisional combined form of divisional.
interelectrode combined form of electrode.
interelectron combined form of electron.
interelectronic combined form of electronic.
interepidemic combined form of epidemic.
interest curiosity about, involvement in, or concern about something. [7 definitions]
interested having or showing curiosity, concern, or attention. [2 definitions]