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interesting causing attention to or concern about; provoking interest or curiosity.
interest rate the rate at which interest is paid. An interest rate is expressed as a percent.
interethnic combined form of ethnic.
interface a plane or surface that represents a common boundary between two bodies or regions. [7 definitions]
interfaculty combined form of faculty.
interfaith between, among, or involving adherents of different religious faiths.
interfamilial combined form of familial.
interfamily combined form of family.
interfere to be or come between with the effect of hampering or impeding (usu. fol. by "with"). [5 definitions]
interference the act or repeated actions of disrupting or making progress difficult. [4 definitions]
interferometer a device used to make precise measurements of wavelengths using acoustic, optical, or microwave interference phenomena.
interferon any of several proteins that are produced by a cell in response to a viral infection and that act to prevent reproduction of the virus.
interfiber combined form of fiber.
interflow combined form of flow.
interfluvial combined form of fluvial.
interfold to fold (one) inside (the other); fold together.
interfraternity combined form of fraternity.
interfuse to pour or pass between, into, or through; infuse. [3 definitions]
intergalactic of, relating to, or located in the space between galaxies.
intergeneration combined form of generation.
intergenerational of, involving, or occurring between persons of different generations.