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intermission a pause or interruption between periods of activity; respite; recess. [4 definitions]
intermissionless combined form of intermission.
intermit to suspend or be suspended temporarily; stop periodically.
intermitotic combined form of mitotic.
intermittent occurring at intervals; alternately stopping and starting.
intermix to mix together; intermingle.
intermixture the act of mixing together, or the condition of being so mixed. [2 definitions]
intermolecular existing or happening between molecules.
intermolecularly combined form of molecularly.
intermountain combined form of mountain.
intermural occurring between two or more schools or other institutions, as a sports competition.
intern1 to confine in a prison or camp, esp. during wartime. [2 definitions]
intern2 an advanced student or recent graduate in a specialized field, esp. medicine, who is serving an apprenticeship in the appropriate practical setting, such as a hospital. [2 definitions]
internal located on the inside; inner. [4 definitions]
internal bleeding bleeding on the inside of the body, often caused by injuries.
internal-combustion engine an engine, esp. an automobile engine, that is powered by the heat and pressure produced by the burning of a mixture of fuel and air in a cylinder or cylinders.
internalize to make internal, esp. to hold in or to incorporate into one's personality, attitude, or system of beliefs.
internal medicine a specialized medical practice that deals with the diagnosis and nonsurgical treatment of disease, esp. of internal organs and tissues.
internal revenue government revenue that is derived from domestic sources, such as taxes on income, profits, luxuries, and amusements.
Internal Revenue Service the U.S. government agency responsible for administering and enforcing federal tax laws and collecting federal taxes. (abbr.: IRS)
international of or relating to the affairs of two or more nations. [3 definitions]