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International Phonetic Alphabet a standardized set of phonetic symbols, originated by the International Phonetic Association, that is used to transcribe the speech sounds of all languages.
interne variant of intern2.
internecine destructive to all involved; mutually fatal or ruinous. [2 definitions]
internee one who is or has been interned.
Internet a global network of millions of computers that provides rapid access to and exchange of data.
Internet protocol address a unique numeric address assigned to an individual computer or other device in a network, used to route data to a destination; IP address.
internet service provider an organization that provides internet access and related services such as email accounts, often abbreviated "ISP."
internist a doctor whose specialty is internal medicine.
internment confinement in a prison or prison camp, esp. during wartime.
internship the state or condition of being an intern. [3 definitions]
internuclear combined form of nuclear.
internucleon combined form of nucleon.
internucleotide combined form of nucleotide.
interocean combined form of ocean.
interoceanic combined form of oceanic.
interoceptor a sensory nerve receptor that responds to stimuli originating from within the body.
interoffice taking place or transmitted between offices within a single company or organization.
interoperative combined form of operative.
interorbital combined form of orbital.
interorgan combined form of organ.
interorganizational combined form of organizational.