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interoceanic combined form of oceanic.
interoceptor a sensory nerve receptor that responds to stimuli originating from within the body.
interoffice taking place or transmitted between offices within a single company or organization.
interoperative combined form of operative.
interorbital combined form of orbital.
interorgan combined form of organ.
interorganizational combined form of organizational.
interpandemic combined form of pandemic.
interparish combined form of parish.
interparochial combined form of parochial.
interparticle combined form of particle.
interparty combined form of party.
interpellate to subject (a government official) to formal questioning, as before a legislative body.
interpenetrate to penetrate throughout; permeate. [3 definitions]
interperceptual combined form of perceptual.
interpersonal existing or happening between persons. [2 definitions]
interplanetary existing, occurring, or functioning between planets.
interplay the action or influence of two or more things on each other; reciprocal effect. [2 definitions]
interpluvial combined form of pluvial.
interpoint combined form of point.
Interpol an international police organization that coordinates the police activities of member nations (acronym for "International Criminal Police Organization").