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intertwist to twist together; intertwine.
interunion combined form of union.
interunit combined form of unit.
interuniversity combined form of university.
interurban of, concerning, or connecting two or more cities. [2 definitions]
interval the period of time between two events or situations. [4 definitions]
intervalley combined form of valley.
intervene to enter a situation so as to change what is happening. [3 definitions]
intervenor an individual or group, esp. a citizens' group, that becomes a party to a lawsuit or the proceedings of a regulatory agency.
intervention the act of intervening. [2 definitions]
intervertebral between vertebrae.
interview a meeting between a job applicant and a prospective employer, usu. to determine the applicant's qualifications. [5 definitions]
intervillage combined form of village.
intervisible combined form of visible.
intervisitation combined form of visitation.
inter vivos in law, taking place between living persons; happening during the lifetimes of the persons involved.
interwar combined form of war.
interweave to weave together. [3 definitions]
interworking combined form of working.
interzonal combined form of zonal.
interzone combined form of zone.