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in the arms of Morpheus being asleep; sleeping deeply.
in the ascendant increasing or advancing in power, wealth, or fame.
in the ballpark (informal) approximately correct; having some margin for error.
in the bargain in addition; besides.
in the black of a business, making a profit; not in debt.
in the cards destined to happen; likely; probable.
in the chips (informal) wealthy.
in the clear free from suspicion or danger.
in the dark ignorant or uncertain.
in the doghouse in disfavor.
in the face of notwithstanding. [2 definitions]
in the flesh alive and present in person.
in the hole in strained or reduced circumstances.
in the least at all.
in the long run at the end of an extended period of time, or considered from the perspective of long experience.
in the main for the most part; mainly; chiefly.
in the name of by the authority of. [2 definitions]
in the neighborhood of (informal) approximately.
in the nick of time at the last possible moment to produce some result.
in the offing in the near future.
in the red in debt.