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in the long run at the end of an extended period of time, or considered from the perspective of long experience.
in the main for the most part; mainly; chiefly.
in the name of by the authority of. [2 definitions]
in the neighborhood of (informal) approximately.
in the nick of time at the last possible moment to produce some result.
in the offing in the near future.
in the red in debt.
in the running participating in a contest, trial, or election. [2 definitions]
in the saddle having authority; in a position to direct.
in the same boat in the same predicament or situation.
in the trenches in the forefront of a battle, conflict, or other group effort. [2 definitions]
in the wake of directly succeeding; following. [2 definitions]
in the wind likely or about to happen.
in the wrong in error; mistaken.
inti the chief monetary unit of Peru, equaling one thousand sols.
intifada (Arabic) used most often to refer to the uprising begun by Palestinian Arabs in 1987 to protest Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Literally meaning "shaking off," the term can also be used in general to refer to an uprising or revolt.
intimacy the condition of being close in friendship or otherwise intimate. [3 definitions]
intimate1 characterized by a very warm friendship or very close personal relationship. [7 definitions]
intimate2 to make known with a hint or other indirect suggestion; imply.
intimation something hinted at, implied, or subtly revealed. [2 definitions]
in time after some undetermined amount of time passes or has passed; after a while; with time. [2 definitions]