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investigator a person who makes a careful search for information usually in order to answer a question.
investiture the act or process of endowing, as with a rank or office.
investment the act or process of investing. [3 definitions]
investment bank a financial institution in which the underwriting and marketing of security issues is the chief business.
investment company a company or trust that issues its own securities against the investments it makes in other companies.
investor one who invests, esp. one who invests at low risk for long-term profit. (Cf. speculator.)
inveterate persisting in a habit, action, feeling, or the like. [2 definitions]
invidious tending to arouse feelings of resentment or animosity, esp. because of a slight; offensive or discriminatory.
in view of taking into account; considering.
invigorate to fill with energy, strength, or vigor.
invigorating giving or causing a feeling of being filled with energy or strength.
invigoration the act of filling with strength, energy, or vitality; stimulation. [2 definitions]
invincible too strong to be defeated, overcome, or surmounted.
in vino veritas (Latin) in wine there is truth.
inviolable absolutely not to be violated or profaned. [2 definitions]
inviolate not violated, broken, disturbed, or profaned; pure or intact.
invisible not capable of being seen; not visible. [5 definitions]
invitation the act of inviting. [3 definitions]
invitational a contest restricted to invited participants. [2 definitions]
invite to politely ask (someone) to attend or come. [5 definitions]
invitee one who is invited.