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inward in or toward the inside or center. [9 definitions]
inwardly on, in, or toward the inside. [2 definitions]
inwardness the state or quality of being inward or internal. [4 definitions]
inweave to weave in or with.
inwrap enwrap.
inwrought worked or woven in, as a pattern in fabric.
Io in Greek mythology, a maiden whom Zeus loved, transformed into a heifer by Hera. [2 definitions]
iodide a chemical compound containing iodine.
iodine a highly reactive chemical element of the halogen group that has fifty-three protons in each nucleus and occurs naturally in compounds such as salts, and in pure form as a poisonous bluish black crystal. (symbol: I) [2 definitions]
iodize to combine iodine or an iodide with.
iodized salt ordinary table salt combined with a small amount of sodium or potassium iodide.
iodo- iodine.
iodoform a yellowish, crystalline iodine compound, used as an antiseptic.
io moth a large North American moth with prominent eyespots on each hind wing.
-ion process; act; action. [3 definitions]
ion an atom, group of atoms, or molecule that bears a positive electric charge as a result of electron loss or a negative charge as a result of electron gain. [2 definitions]
ion exchange the interchange of ions between a solid and a fluid, a process often used in water softening.
Ionia a region along the Aegean Sea of western Asia Minor (present day Turkey) colonized by ancient Greeks. [2 definitions]
Ionian of or pertaining to Ionia, a region along the Aegean Sea of western Asia Minor (present day Turkey) colonized by Ancient Greeks. [2 definitions]
Ionic of or pertaining to a region of ancient Greece in coastal Asia Minor and adjacent Aegean islands or its people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]
ionic of, pertaining to, or in the form of ions.