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Iran a Middle Eastern country between Turkmenistan, the Caspian Sea, and the Persian Gulf.
Iranian of or pertaining to Iran or its people, culture, or the like; Persian. [4 definitions]
Iraq a Middle Eastern country between Syria and Iran.
Iraqi a native or citizen of Iraq, or a descendant thereof. [3 definitions]
irascible easily angered or irritated; short-tempered. [2 definitions]
irate very angry; furious or indignant. [2 definitions]
IRBM abbreviation of "intermediate range ballistic missile."
ire anger or wrath.
Ireland an island west of Great Britain. [2 definitions]
Irene in Greek mythology, the goddess personifying peace; Pax.
irenic tending to promote peace; peaceful; conciliatory.
iridescent emitting or reflecting a lustrous play of colors covering the spectrum, like a rainbow. [2 definitions]
iridium a chemical element that has seventy-seven protons in each nucleus and that occurs as a lustrous yellowish white, extremely hard, dense, and corrosion-resistant metal, used as a hardening alloy, esp. with precious metals. (symbol: Ir)
iris the colored, round membrane surrounding the pupil of the eye. [2 definitions]
Irish of or pertaining to Ireland or its people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]
Irish coffee sweetened hot coffee flavored with Irish whiskey and topped with whipped cream.
Irish Gaelic the Gaelic language spoken in Ireland.
Irish moss a purplish-brown seaweed found along the Atlantic coasts of Europe and North America; carrageen.
Irish potato the white potato, widely grown in Ireland.
Irish setter one of a breed of setters having a silky, auburn, long-haired coat.
Irish stew a stew of meat such as mutton or beef, with potatoes, onions, and a thick, brown gravy.