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IP in computing, an abbreviation for Internet protocol, one of the main Internet communications protocols, which specifies the format of transmitted data and routing information.
iPad trademark for a tablet computer developed and sold by Apple, Inc.
ipecac either of two tropical South American plants related to madder, coffee, and gardenia, whose roots are used medicinally. [2 definitions]
iPhone trademark for a type of mobile telephone that includes an internet browser, camera, and music player.
iPod trademark for a pocket-sized digital audio player with a large storage capacity, primarily used to collect and play back downloaded digital music files.
ipomoea a plant of the morning glory family that has heart-shaped leaves and bears showy flowers. [2 definitions]
ipse dixit (Latin) he himself said it; an unproven or dogmatic assertion.
ipsilateral pertaining to, situated on, or affecting the same side of the body.
ipso facto (Latin) by that fact itself.
IQ abbreviation of "intelligence quotient," a representation of mental age as determined by intelligence tests.
Ir symbol of the chemical element iridium.
ir-1 in; into. [2 definitions]
ir-2 not; without.
IRA abbreviation of "Individual Retirement Account."
I.R.A. abbreviation of "Irish Republican Army."
Iran a Middle Eastern country between Turkmenistan, the Caspian Sea, and the Persian Gulf.
Iranian of or pertaining to Iran or its people, culture, or the like; Persian. [4 definitions]
Iraq a Middle Eastern country between Syria and Iran.
Iraqi a native or citizen of Iraq, or a descendant thereof. [3 definitions]
irascible easily angered or irritated; short-tempered. [2 definitions]
irate very angry; furious or indignant. [2 definitions]