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Italian sonnet a Petrarchan sonnet.
italic of, designating, or pertaining to a style of printing type in which the letters slant to the right, used for emphasis or for foreign words. [4 definitions]
italicize to print in italic type, or to underscore with a single line in a handwritten text. [2 definitions]
Italy a southern European country that occupies a boot-shaped Mediterranean peninsula and several adjacent islands.
itch to feel a sensation, as on the skin, that causes a desire to scratch. [8 definitions]
itching of, concerning, or marked by a tingling or irritation of the skin. [3 definitions]
itchy having or causing an itching sensation. [2 definitions]
it'd (informal) contracted form of "it would," or contracted form of "it had."
it depends used to say that you cannot decide until you have more information.
-ite1 one born or living in. [4 definitions]
-ite2 used to form adjectives, nouns, and some verbs.
item a separate, particular thing among a group or list of things. [2 definitions]
itemize to list or state the items of.
itemized having each item separately listed.
iterate to say or do again or repeatedly; reiterate.
iteration a new instance of something, produced with modifications; version.
Ithaca in Greek mythology, the Ionian island home of Odysseus. The modern day location of Odysseus's Ithaca is in dispute.
itineracy itinerancy.
itinerancy the act, process, or state of being itinerant. [3 definitions]
itinerant moving or traveling from place to place, as to do one's work, often on a fixed circuit. [3 definitions]
itinerary a travel route, or a plan for travel including a route, stopping places, and schedule. [4 definitions]