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jaundiced afflicted with or as if with jaundice. [2 definitions]
jaunt to take a brief trip or outing, usu. for amusement. [2 definitions]
jaunty characterized by a light, lively, or confident manner. [2 definitions]
Java the principal island of Indonesia. [2 definitions]
Java man a prehistoric human known from fossilized skeleton parts found in Java, thought to be from the late Pleistocene period; pithecanthropus.
Javanese of or pertaining to Java or its people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]
javelin a lightweight spear thrown as a weapon. [3 definitions]
jaw either or both of the two bones that surround the mouth and hold the teeth. [5 definitions]
Jawaharlal Nehru a leader of the Indian independence movement and, from 1947 to 1964, first prime minister of the Republic of India. Nehru's name is often preceded by the word "pandit," an Indian title of respect (b.1889--d.1964).
jawbone any of the bones that compose the jaw, esp. the lower one. [3 definitions]
jawbreaker a usu. spherical piece of very hard candy for sucking. [2 definitions]
jawless combined form of jaw.
jawless fish any of several fishes, such as the lampreys, that have a circular sucking mouth and an elongated, eel-like body.
jawline the line or contour formed by the lower edge of the jawbone and chin.
Jaws of Life trademark for an air-pressured tool having a pincerlike device able to rip apart a badly damaged vehicle in order to free a person trapped within.
jay any of a number of usu. brightly colored, noisy birds of the crow family, esp. the blue jay.
Jayhawker (l.c.) an anti-slavery guerrilla in Kansas or Missouri during the U.S. Civil War. [2 definitions]
jayvee (informal) a player on a junior varsity sports team; JV.
jaywalk to walk across a street illegally, as at an improper place or an improper time.
jazz a form of music with Afro-American origins, developed chiefly by American Blacks during the twentieth century and characterized by improvisation and complex rhythms.
jazzman a man who plays or composes jazz music.