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jazzman a man who plays or composes jazz music.
jazz up (informal) to make more lively or interesting.
jazzy having the nature or form of jazz. [2 definitions]
JC abbreviation of "junior college," an educational institution that offers a two-year program equivalent to the first two years at a four-year college and that confers an associate degree or certificate.
jct. abbreviation of "junction."
J.D. abbreviation of "juris doctor" (Latin); Doctor of Law, or Doctor of Jurisprudence.
jealous Fearful of losing someone's affection, or of losing one's preferential position, to someone else. [5 definitions]
jealousy envious or suspicious resentment, as of another's success, good fortune, or good qualities. [4 definitions]
jean (pl.) pants made from a heavy, often blue, twilled cotton cloth. [2 definitions]
Jean Baptiste Lamarck a French naturalist (b.1744--d.1829).
Jean Middleton South African author and anti-apartheid activist.
Jean-Paul Sartre a French philosopher and author (b.1905--d.1980).
jeep a small motor vehicle usu. equipped with four-wheel drive and suited to use in rugged terrain, originally developed for military use and later adapted for civilian use. [2 definitions]
jeepers used to express moderate surprise, emotion, emphasis, or the like.
jeer to remark in a loud, mocking, abusive manner. [3 definitions]
jeez (slang, sometimes offensive) used to express surprise or mild annoyance.
Jefferson City the capital of Missouri.
Jeffrey pine a tall pine tree of the northwestern United States, having long, blue-green needles and elongated cones.
Jehoshaphat according to the Old Testament, a king of Judah who ruled in the ninth century B.C.
Jehovah a name of God derived from ancient Hebrew terms that is used by Christians, esp. in certain English translations of the Old Testament.
Jehovah's Witnesses a Christian sect that opposes war and governments, believes in the imminent end of the world, and actively seeks new converts.