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jet1 a stream of fluid or gas shooting from an opening, usu. with great pressure. [5 definitions]
jet2 a dense black coal capable of being highly polished, used for jewelry. [4 definitions]
jetbead a cultivated shrub of the rose family that bears white flowers and clusters of four shiny black fruits.
jet-black of or pertaining to a dark, glossy, black color.
jet engine an engine that develops thrust by the backward expulsion of a jet of fluid or gaseous products of combustion, used esp. in aircraft.
jet lag a temporary disruption of biological rhythms as the result of traveling by jet airplane across several time zones.
jetliner a commercial jet airplane used for carrying passengers or cargo.
jetport an airport designed with long runways for use by jet aircraft.
jet-propelled powered by a jet engine or engines. [2 definitions]
jet propulsion propulsion of aircraft and some small ships that results from the high-velocity expulsion of compressed outside air and hot exhaust gases through a jet nozzle.
jetsam objects thrown from a ship to lighten it, as in a storm (See flotsam.) [3 definitions]
jet set a group of fashionable, wealthy people who reputedly travel by jet from one resort to another.
jet stream a high-velocity, generally westerly wind in the upper troposphere. [2 definitions]
jettison to throw (objects) from a ship or airplane to lighten or stabilize it, as in a storm. [4 definitions]
jettisonable combined form of jettison.
jetty1 an assemblage of rocks, timbers, or the like that extends into a body of water to protect the shore or a harbor from strong waves or currents. [2 definitions]
jetty2 like, of the color of, or composed of jet.
jeu de mots play of words (French); a verbal witticism such as a pun.
jeu d'esprit play of spirit (French); a piece of writing that is clever or witty.
Jew one who is a descendant of the ancient Hebrews. [2 definitions]
jewel a cut and polished gemstone, or an ornament made with gems and other costly material. [5 definitions]