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Joseph Pulitzer a Hungarian-born U.S. publisher who established the Pulitzer prizes (b.1847--d.1911).
Joseph's coat a variety of pigweed with red, green, and yellow upper leaves.
Josephson junction an electronic device, used for high-speed switches in computers, that allows direct current to pass from one superconductor to another through a thin insulating barrier, by means of a radiating effect.
Joseph Stalin a Soviet Communist leader and premier of the Soviet Union from 1941 to 1953 (b.1879--d.1953).
josh (informal) to make fun of or tease, but in a gentle and kind way. [2 definitions]
Joshua according to the Old Testament, the leader of the Israelites who succeeded Moses. [2 definitions]
Joshua tree a yucca tree of the southwestern United States that has swordlike leaves and bears greenish white flowers.
joss the image of a Chinese god; Chinese idol.
joss house a Chinese temple or shrine which houses idols that are worshiped.
joss stick a stick of incense that the Chinese burn in honor of a joss.
jostle to push, crowd, or bump against, esp. on purpose; collide with. [7 definitions]
jot to write hurriedly (usu. fol. by "down"). [2 definitions]
jota a Spanish dance in three-four time, performed by a man and woman to the rhythmic clicking of castanets, or the music for such a dance.
jotting a short written note, as to oneself.
joule a unit of energy equal to the work done by one newton moving through a distance of one meter, or to ten million ergs.
jounce to move or be moved jerkily and unevenly; bounce. [2 definitions]
journal a record of personal experiences, reflections, or daily events. [4 definitions]
journalese the light, exuberant, and sometimes substandard writing or language often associated with popular magazines and newspapers.
journalism the profession of reporting, writing, editing, or broadcasting news and information. [3 definitions]
journalist one whose profession is journalism.
journalistic of, relating to, or having the characteristics of journalism or journalists.