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J.P. abbreviation of "Justice of the Peace," the lowest level of magistrate in some U. S. states, whose jurisdiction is usu. part of a county and whose duties include administering oaths, performing marriages, and trying minor cases.
JPEG abbreviation of "Joint Photographic Experts Group," used to denote the cross-platform image file format based on this committee's image compression algorithm, or such a file itself, and, shortened to jpg, used as the filename extension for files in this format.
Jr. abbreviation of "Junior," used after a male person's name when he has the same first and last name as his father
Ju. abbreviation of "June," the sixth month of the Gregorian calendar year, having thirty days.
jubbah a long outer robe worn by men and women in some Muslim countries.
jubilant having or expressing great joy; exultant.
jubilate to feel joyful; rejoice; exult.
jubilation a feeling of great joy, pride, and happiness; exultation. [3 definitions]
jubilee a particularly celebrated anniversary, such as the fiftieth, or the celebration itself. [4 definitions]
Judah one of the sons of the Biblical patriarch Jacob and the ancestor of one of the ancient Hebrew tribes.
Judaic of or pertaining to Judaism or the Jews.
Judaism the monotheistic religion of the Jewish people, embodied in the Old Testament of the Bible and in the Talmud. [3 definitions]
Judaize to conform to or bring into conformity with Jewish practices, beliefs, customs, or the like.
Judas according to the New Testament, the disciple who betrayed Jesus Christ in exchange for thirty pieces of silver; Judas Iscariot. [3 definitions]
Judas tree a North American and Eurasian tree with purplish flowers; redbud.
Jude a book of the New Testament. [2 definitions]
Judeo- Jewish.
judge a legally trained public official who is authorized to preside over and decide cases brought before a court; magistrate. [10 definitions]
judge advocate in the military, a staff officer assigned as legal advisor to a commander or as the prosecutor at a court-martial.
Judges a book of the Old Testament that relates the history of the Jews between the death of Joshua and the birth of Samuel.
judgment the act of judging. [4 definitions]