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junior flyweight a boxer in the class below flyweight, with a maximum weight of 108 pounds.
junior high school an intermediate school between elementary and high school, usu. including grades seven, eight, and nine; middle school.
Junior League in the United States, an association of women of high economic and social status who do volunteer work in the local community.
junior lightweight a boxer weighing more than a featherweight but less than a lightweight, with a maximum weight of 130 pounds.
junior middleweight a boxer weighing more than a welterweight and less than a middleweight, with a maximum weight of 154 pounds.
junior miss a young woman in her early or mid-teens. [2 definitions]
junior varsity an athletic team that represents a school, college, or the like at a level below varsity; jayvee.
junior welterweight a boxer weighing more than a lightweight but less than a welterweight, with a maximum weight of 140 pounds.
juniper any of a variety of evergreen shrubs or small trees bearing cones that produce a blue-gray berrylike fruit.
junk1 anything regarded as having little worth; trash. [5 definitions]
junk2 a high-sterned, flat-bottomed boat of Chinese origin, driven by square sails.
junk bond a low-rated, high-yield corporate bond, often issued to finance the takeover of a company.
Junker a member of the militaristic Prussian aristocracy.
junker (informal) an old or severely damaged car or truck.
junket milk curdled with rennet, flavored, and sweetened, usu. eaten as a dessert. [4 definitions]
junk food prepackaged snack food that is low in nutritional value but usu. high in calories.
junkie (informal) a drug addict, esp. a heroin addict. [2 definitions]
junk mail unsolicited mail, usu. in the form of advertisements or requests for monetary contributions.
junkman one who resells junk, such as scrap metal, glass, paper, and the like; junk dealer.
junkyard a yard or lot in which junk such as scrap metal or old cars is collected, stored, and sold.
Juno in Roman mythology, the wife and sister of Jupiter, and the goddess of marriage; Hera.