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keep track of to stay informed about.
keep under wraps to keep secret or hidden.
keep up to continue with (some activity). [7 definitions]
keep up appearances to present a good image of one's situation despite contrary facts.
keep up with to go at the same speed or pace as.
keeshond any of a breed of dog with thick black and gray hair and a tail that curls forward over the back, originally used as watchdogs and rat catchers on barges in Holland.
kef a state of dreamy, drowsy contentment, esp. one induced by narcotics. [2 definitions]
keg a small cask or barrel, usu. holding less than ten gallons. [2 definitions]
kegler one who bowls; bowler.
kelly green a bright yellowish green color.
keloid an excessive growth of new skin occurring in skin that has been injured or operated upon surgically; scar tissue.
kelp one of a family of coarse brown seaweeds, often bearing leaflike structures. [2 definitions]
kelpie1 in Scottish legend, a water spirit often shaped like a horse, reputed to drown people.
kelpie2 an Australian breed of sheepdog.
Kelvin a thermodynamic temperature scale whose degree intervals correspond to those of the Celsius scale and in which zero degrees, or absolute zero, is equal to -273.15 degrees Celsius. [3 definitions]
kempt of hair, neatly combed. [2 definitions]
ken knowledge, range of vision, or comprehension.
kendo a Japanese sport of fencing with bamboo sticks.
kennel (often pl.) a place where dogs are raised, bred, trained, or housed. [2 definitions]
keno a game of chance similar to lotto and bingo but using balls instead of counters.
Kentucky an east central U.S. state, south of Indiana and Ohio. (abbr.: KY)