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kef a state of dreamy, drowsy contentment, esp. one induced by narcotics. [2 definitions]
keg a small cask or barrel, usu. holding less than ten gallons. [2 definitions]
kegler one who bowls; bowler.
kelly green a bright yellowish green color.
keloid an excessive growth of new skin occurring in skin that has been injured or operated upon surgically; scar tissue.
kelp one of a family of coarse brown seaweeds, often bearing leaflike structures. [2 definitions]
kelpie1 in Scottish legend, a water spirit often shaped like a horse, reputed to drown people.
kelpie2 an Australian breed of sheepdog.
Kelvin a thermodynamic temperature scale whose degree intervals correspond to those of the Celsius scale and in which zero degrees, or absolute zero, is equal to -273.15 degrees Celsius. [3 definitions]
kempt of hair, neatly combed. [2 definitions]
ken knowledge, range of vision, or comprehension.
kendo a Japanese sport of fencing with bamboo sticks.
kennel (often pl.) a place where dogs are raised, bred, trained, or housed. [2 definitions]
keno a game of chance similar to lotto and bingo but using balls instead of counters.
Kentucky an east central U.S. state, south of Indiana and Ohio. (abbr.: KY)
Kentucky Derby the first of three annual U.S. horse races known as the Triple Crown.
Kenya an East African country on the Indian Ocean coast between Ethiopia and Tanzania.
Keogh plan a financial retirement plan, similar to an IRA, for self-employed persons and for the owners and employees of unincorporated businesses.
kepi a cylindrical cap with a flat top and a short horizontal visor, traditionally worn by members of the French armed forces.
kept past tense and past participle of keep.
keratectomy a surgical operation in which all or part of the cornea is removed.