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keratin a hard animal protein which is the main constituent of horn, nails, feathers, beaks, and the like.
kerato- horn; hornlike. [2 definitions]
keratosis any disease of the skin characterized by horny growths. [2 definitions]
keratotomy surgical incision of the cornea to improve vision.
kerchief a square cloth, usually folded into a triangle, worn as a head covering or scarf.
kerf a groove, notch, or cut made in wood by a saw or other cutting tool, or the width of such a cut. [2 definitions]
kerfuffle (chiefly British; informal) a fuss, commotion, or agitated dispute.
kermes the dried bodies of the female of certain scale insects, from which a purple-red dye is obtained. [3 definitions]
kermis in the Netherlands and Belgium, an outdoor fair or carnival. [2 definitions]
kern in composing type, to reduce the space between (certain characters). [2 definitions]
kernel the seed contained within the husk of a nut or the stone of a fruit. [4 definitions]
kerning in composing type, a method of reducing the space between certain characters.
kerogen a substance found in certain sedimentary rocks, esp. shale, from which shale oil can be produced.
kerosene a thin liquid fuel obtained by distilling petroleum, coal shale, or the like.
Kerry blue terrier any of a breed of small dog with a long, narrow head, a soft, wavy bluish gray coat, and an erect, docked tail.
kersey a heavy, smooth twilled cloth of wool or wool and cotton, used esp. for coats and uniforms. [2 definitions]
kestrel a small grayish red European falcon that hovers in the air with its head to the wind. [2 definitions]
ketch a sailing vessel with two masts, the larger one forward and the smaller one aft just ahead of the rudder.
ketchup a thick sauce for meat or potatoes, usu. made with tomato purée and spices.
ketoacidosis low blood pH due to high levels of ketone bodies in the blood, esp. occurring in cases of diabetes, alcoholism, and starvation.
ketone a highly reactive organic chemical compound containing a carbonyl group linked to two hydrocarbon radicals.