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keynote speech an opening speech, as at a political convention, that outlines the main policies and issues under consideration; keynote address.
keypad a small panel with keys or buttons found on telephones, calculators, computers, and the like, used to send a signal to an electronic device.
keypunch to punch holes in (a card, tape, or the like) with a key punch.
key punch a machine, operated from a keyboard, that punches holes in cards or tape used in certain data processing systems.
key ring a metal loop or ring for holding keys.
key signature in music, the number of sharps or flats to the right of the clef on a staff, indicating the key.
keystone the central, wedge-shaped stone at the top of an arch. [2 definitions]
keystroke a stroke made on a typewriter or computer keyboard.
key up to bring to a state of intense feeling or agitation.
kg abbreviation of "kilogram," or "kilograms," a unit of weight equal to one thousand grams or 2.205 pounds.
KGB abbreviation of "Komitet Gosudarstvennoi Bezopastnosti" (Russian); Committee of State Security; formerly, the security and intelligence organization of the Soviet Union.
khaki a dull yellowish brown color. [5 definitions]
khamsin a hot south wind from the Sahara that blows in Egypt in the spring, sometimes bringing sand with it.
khan1 the ruler of the Tatars and Mongols in medieval times. [2 definitions]
khan2 in certain countries of the East and Middle East, an inn, esp. one with a large courtyard for keeping caravan animals.
Khartoum the capital of Sudan.
khedive the title of the Turkish viceroys who ruled Egypt from 1867 to 1914.
Khmer a member of one of the peoples of Cambodia. [2 definitions]
khoums the smaller monetary unit of Mauritania. (Cf. ouguiya.)
kHz abbreviation of "kilohertz," a unit of frequency equal to one thousand cycles per second or one thousand hertz; kilocycle.
kibble to grind or crush into coarse pieces. [2 definitions]