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kick upstairs (informal) to promote to a seemingly higher-level job having less responsibility, so as to both flatter and dispose of (someone).
kid1 (informal) a child or young person. [3 definitions]
kid2 (informal) to tease or joke. [3 definitions]
Kiddush (Hebrew) a prayer recited over wine and bread on the eve of a Sabbath or a festival.
kiddy (informal) a child.
kid gloves soft, smooth gloves made of kidskin.
kidnap to capture and hold (someone) hostage until specified demands, as for money, are met.
kidney either of a pair of organs located high in the abdominal cavity near the spine which extract waste products from the blood and excrete them in urine. [2 definitions]
kidney bean a common garden bean cultivated for its red, edible seed, or the kidney-shaped seed itself.
kidney stone an abnormal mass of hard mineral deposits that forms in the kidney.
kidskin soft leather made from the skins of young goats.
Kiehtan the Creator, according to Wampanoag beliefs.
kielbasa a smoked Polish sausage, flavored with garlic and other seasonings.
kieselguhr diatomaceous earth.
Kiev the capital of Ukraine.
Kigali the capital of Rwanda.
kike (offensive slang) a Jewish person.
Kikonia a city in eastern Thrace on the Aegean Sea.
Kikonian of or pertaining to Kikonia, a city in eastern Thrace on the Aegean Sea. [3 definitions]
kilim (sometimes cap.) a patterned wool rug made in the Middle East.
kill1 to cause to die. [10 definitions]