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kidskin soft leather made from the skins of young goats.
Kiehtan the Creator, according to Wampanoag beliefs.
kielbasa a smoked Polish sausage, flavored with garlic and other seasonings.
kieselguhr diatomaceous earth.
Kiev the capital of Ukraine.
Kigali the capital of Rwanda.
kike (offensive slang) a Jewish person.
Kikonia a city in eastern Thrace on the Aegean Sea.
Kikonian of or pertaining to Kikonia, a city in eastern Thrace on the Aegean Sea. [3 definitions]
kilim (sometimes cap.) a patterned wool rug made in the Middle East.
kill1 to cause to die. [10 definitions]
kill2 a creek (used in place names, esp. in the Northeastern U.S.)
killdeer a plover native to North American inland waters and fields, having two black bands on a white breast.
killer someone or something that kills.
killer satellite an orbiting satellite that can be directed to a target satellite and destroy it.
killer whale a very large predatory dolphin, usu. black and white, that feeds on seals and large fish.
kill fee money paid to a freelance writer for material that has been commissioned but is not used.
killifish any of several small fishes that are found esp. in brackish salt water or freshwater and are used for bait.
killing the act of putting to death. [5 definitions]
kill-joy one who spoils the fun or enjoyment of others, esp. by being gloomy or pessimistic.
kill two birds with one stone to achieve two aims with one action.