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kindergarten a program or grade level that introduces very young children to schoollike activities.
kindergartner one who attends kindergarten.
kindhearted having or demonstrating kind sympathy for others.
kindle1 to build or start (a fire). [5 definitions]
kindle2 to give birth, esp. to a litter of rabbits or kittens. [2 definitions]
kindliness the state or quality of benevolence. [2 definitions]
kindling material that burns easily and is used to start a fire, esp. small dry pieces of wood. [2 definitions]
kindly showing or having kindness. [4 definitions]
kindness the quality of being kind. [2 definitions]
kind of1 (informal) somewhat; rather.
kind of2 (informal) somewhat or in some way; rather.
kindred a group of related people, such as a tribe or clan. [4 definitions]
kinematics (used with a sing. verb) the science of pure motion that excludes considerations of mass and force.
kinescope a cathode-ray tube that directs a beam of electrons to reproduce a transmitted picture on a luminescent screen; picture tube. [3 definitions]
kinesics (used with a sing. verb) the study of body movements and gestures as a means of communication.
kinesiology the study of the movement of human muscles, esp. as applied in physical education.
kinesthesia the bodily sensation of position, movement, strain, or the like through stimulation of the nerves in muscles, joints, and tendons.
kinetic of, concerning, or caused by motion.
kinetic art sculptures or assemblages in which motion occurs, as from an external source such as the wind, or an internal source such as a motor.
kinetic energy energy resulting from motion.
kinetics (used with a sing. verb) the scientific study of motion in relation to force and mass.