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kinnikinick a mixture of dried leaves, bark, and sometimes tobacco, formerly smoked by American Indians and pioneers.
kinsfolk variant of kinfolk.
Kinshasa the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo; formerly Leopoldville.
kinship the state or fact of being a relative or relatives, esp. by birth. [2 definitions]
kinsman a male relative, esp. by birth. [2 definitions]
kinswoman a female relative, esp. by birth. [2 definitions]
kiosk an open gazebo, summerhouse, or pavilion. [4 definitions]
Kiowa a member of an American Indian people of the southwestern United States. [2 definitions]
kip1 the untreated hide of a small or young animal. [2 definitions]
kip2 a unit of weight equal to one thousand pounds.
kip3 the chief monetary unit of Laos, equaling one hundred at.
kipper a cured, dried fish, esp. herring. [2 definitions]
Kirghiz see "Kyrgyz."
Kiribati a central Pacific island country, northeast of Australia.
Kirlian photography a method of photographing an image of what is claimed to be an energy aura of animals and plants.
kirschwasser a colorless brandy made from the fermented juice of cherries; kirsch.
kirtle a long loose skirt or gown worn by women in the Middle Ages.
Kishinev the capital of Moldova.
kishke beef casing stuffed with meal, fat, onion, seasonings, and the like, then steamed and roasted; stuffed derma.
Kislev the third month of the Jewish lunisolar calendar, occurring from late November through early December in the Gregorian calendar.
kismet destiny, fortune, or fate.