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kiteboarding a sport in which one rides a skateboard or snowboard while being towed by a kite attached to one's body. [2 definitions]
kitesurf to ride over water standing on a small board while being towed by a kite whose line is attached to one's body; kiteboard.
kitesurfer someone who engages in kitesurfing as recreation or sport.
kitesurfing a water sport, similar to wakeboarding, in which one rides a small board with foot bindings while being towed by a kite attached to one's body. [2 definitions]
kith those with whom one shares friendship, a common language and culture, and the like. (See kith and kin.)
kith and kin friends, neighbors, and relatives.
kithara see "cithara."
kitsch art, literature, and the like that is pretentious, often gaudy, and of little value, usu. produced for popular appeal.
kitten a cat that is not yet full-grown. [2 definitions]
kittenish lively and innocent, or seemingly so.
kittiwake either of two gulls of northern regions, which have a rudimentary hind toe.
kitty1 a kitten or cat.
kitty2 money collected from various contributors for a specific purpose, as to buy presents or pay certain expenses. [3 definitions]
kitty-cornered in a diagonal or angled position, esp. relative to another object or space.
Kitty Litter trademark for a granular material used to absorb the waste of household pets, esp. cats.
kiva formerly, a large, often underground room used by Pueblo Indians for ceremonies, councils, and the like.
kiwi a bird of New Zealand that has gray-brown feathers, a long thin bill, and small, weak wings that are useless for flying. [2 definitions]
KKK abbreviation of "Ku Klux Klan."
Klamath a member of a North American Indian people in southern Oregon. [2 definitions]
Klan see "Ku Klux Klan."
klavern a local unit of the Ku Klux Klan.