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kitten a cat that is not yet full-grown. [2 definitions]
kittenish lively and innocent, or seemingly so.
kittiwake either of two gulls of northern regions, which have a rudimentary hind toe.
kitty1 a kitten or cat.
kitty2 money collected from various contributors for a specific purpose, as to buy presents or pay certain expenses. [3 definitions]
kitty-cornered in a diagonal or angled position, esp. relative to another object or space.
Kitty Litter trademark for a granular material used to absorb the waste of household pets, esp. cats.
kiva formerly, a large, often underground room used by Pueblo Indians for ceremonies, councils, and the like.
kiwi a bird of New Zealand that has gray-brown feathers, a long thin bill, and small, weak wings that are useless for flying. [2 definitions]
KKK abbreviation of "Ku Klux Klan."
Klamath a member of a North American Indian people in southern Oregon. [2 definitions]
Klan see "Ku Klux Klan."
klavern a local unit of the Ku Klux Klan.
Klaxon trademark for a loud electric horn.
Kleenex trademark for a soft fluffy tissue paper dispensed in individually folded, layered units and used in place of a handkerchief. [2 definitions]
kleptomania a compulsion to steal, or the psychological disorder that causes such a compulsion.
kleptomaniac a person who has a psychological disorder that impels him or her to steal.
klieg light a powerful, bright arc light used esp. to light the sets for motion pictures.
Klinefelter's syndrome a congenital disorder that causes sterility in males, caused by an extra X chromosome.
klipspringer a small African mountain antelope.
kludge (slang) a clumsy, but successful, computer system improvised by combining unlikely parts.