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lachrymatory causing or producing tears. [2 definitions]
lachrymose weeping, tending to weep readily, or being on the point of tears; tearful. [2 definitions]
lacing a lace or cord that fastens, such as a shoelace or corset lace. [4 definitions]
lack the state or condition of being without something that is needed or desired; absence; deficiency. [4 definitions]
lackadaisical lacking energy, determination, or enthusiasm; listless or lazy.
lackey a liveried servant; footman. [3 definitions]
lackluster lacking shine or sparkle; dull. [2 definitions]
laconic using very few words; succinct; terse.
laconism terseness or brevity of expression, or an instance of this.
lacquer any of several glossy varnishes made from resin or cellulose and sometimes mixed with a solvent, used as a protective coating for wood and other materials. [2 definitions]
lacrimal of, pertaining to, or near the glands that produce tears. [2 definitions]
lacrimal bone the thin membrane bone that forms the front part of the inner wall of each eye socket, near the tear glands.
lacrimation secretion of tears, esp. an excessive amount.
lacrosse a field game played by two teams of ten players each who use a long-handled stick with a net pouch on one end to carry or throw a ball into the opponent's goal.
lactase an enzyme that breaks down lactose into glucose and galactose, and is found in certain yeasts and the intestines of animals.
lactate1 to produce or secrete milk.
lactate2 any ester or salt of lactic acid.
lactation the act or process of producing or secreting milk. [2 definitions]
lacteal made of, pertaining to, or resembling milk. [3 definitions]
lactescent milky, or becoming milky. [3 definitions]
lactic of, obtained from, or pertaining to milk.