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lactic of, obtained from, or pertaining to milk.
lactic acid a yellowish or colorless organic acid produced from sucrose or lactose, as through the souring of milk or in the body as a result of vigorous exercise, and used in medicine and dyeing or as a flavoring or preservative in foods.
lacto- milk. [2 definitions]
lactobacillus any of various aerobic bacilli that produce lactic acid in the fermentation of carbohydrates.
lactone any of a group of organic esters derived from hydroxy acids.
lactose a carbohydrate found in milk that breaks down into glucose and galactose. [2 definitions]
lacuna a gap or omitted part. [2 definitions]
lacustrine relating to, associated with, living in, or formed by a lake.
lacy of or similar to lace; lacelike.
lad a boy or young man. [2 definitions]
ladder a pair of upright supports connected by cross bars or rungs, used for climbing. [2 definitions]
ladder-back chair a chair having a back formed of horizontal slats between two uprights, resembling a ladder.
lade to load with cargo. [6 definitions]
laden loaded with a great burden; weighted. [3 definitions]
la-di-da an expression of derision at affectation or pretentiousness. [3 definitions]
ladies' man a man who is extremely attentive to women and who seeks and enjoys their company.
ladies' room a public lavatory or restroom for women and girls.
lading the act of loading. [2 definitions]
Ladino a language of Sephardic Jews that is a combination of Spanish, Hebrew, and other elements. [2 definitions]
ladle a spoon with a long handle and a deep bowl for transferring or serving liquids. [2 definitions]
lady a polite term for a woman or girl. [3 definitions]