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land reform any governmental program requiring the division of large land holdings into smaller tracts, esp. to provide farmland to the landless.
Landsat any of several U.S. satellites that gather and transmit data about the earth (acronym for "land satellite").
landscape a stretch of scenery, usu. rural, that is visible from one viewpoint. [5 definitions]
landscape architecture the art or profession of planning or changing rural or urban land for a desired effect, often both practical and aesthetic.
landscape gardening the art or profession of designing or rearranging lawns, flower beds, and other plantings on estates and other properties.
landscapist a painter who specializes in the painting of landscapes.
landskaper a person who designs a landscape or garden.
landslide the process or result of a fall or slide of earth or rock, esp. in great amounts, down a steep slope. [2 definitions]
landsman one who dwells or works on land. (Cf. seaman.)
landward to or toward the land. [2 definitions]
lane a narrow passage, as between hedges, walls, or buildings. [7 definitions]
langley a unit of illumination used for measuring solar radiation, equal to one small calorie per square centimeter.
langoustine any of several edible marine crustaceans, esp. a small lobster of the North Atlantic.
Langston Hughes African American writer; born James Langston Hughes (b.1902--d.1967).
language the organized system of written symbols and vocal sounds with which humans communicate thoughts, ideas, or emotions. [5 definitions]
language laboratory a room with recording and sound reproduction equipment in which students can study and practice foreign languages.
languid lacking or not showing strength, energy, or spirit; weak, slow, or listless.
languish to lose strength or energy; weaken. [3 definitions]
languor lack of strength or energy; weakness or listlessness. [2 definitions]
langur any of several slender, long-tailed Asian monkeys that have a chin tuft and bushy eyebrows.
laniard variant of lanyard.