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landslide the process or result of a fall or slide of earth or rock, esp. in great amounts, down a steep slope. [2 definitions]
landsman one who dwells or works on land. (Cf. seaman.)
landward to or toward the land. [2 definitions]
lane a narrow passage, as between hedges, walls, or buildings. [7 definitions]
langley a unit of illumination used for measuring solar radiation, equal to one small calorie per square centimeter.
langoustine any of several edible marine crustaceans, esp. a small lobster of the North Atlantic.
Langston Hughes African American writer; born James Langston Hughes (b.1902--d.1967).
language the organized system of written symbols and vocal sounds with which humans communicate thoughts, ideas, or emotions. [5 definitions]
language laboratory a room with recording and sound reproduction equipment in which students can study and practice foreign languages.
languid lacking or not showing strength, energy, or spirit; weak, slow, or listless.
languish to lose strength or energy; weaken. [3 definitions]
languor lack of strength or energy; weakness or listlessness. [2 definitions]
langur any of several slender, long-tailed Asian monkeys that have a chin tuft and bushy eyebrows.
laniard variant of lanyard.
lank of hair, limp and shapeless. [2 definitions]
lanky tall and thin to the point of awkwardness; rawboned.
lanner a species of Mediterranean falcon used in falconry, esp. the female.
lanneret the male lanner, which is smaller than the female.
lanolin a fatty substance extracted from sheep's wool and used as a lubricant in soap, cosmetics, and ointments.
Lansing the capital of Michigan.
lantern a housing or case with openings or transparent sections through which light can shine, used to protect, transport, direct, or ornament the light it contains. [3 definitions]