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lap3 to lightly splash or slap against. [6 definitions]
laparoscope a medical instrument, inserted in the abdomen by surgery, that is used for viewing the abdominal or pelvic organs.
La Paz the seat of the Bolivian government. (Cf. Sucre.)
lapboard a thin board held on the lap for use as a writing surface.
lap dissolve a film and television technique in which one image fades away at the same time as another becomes stronger.
lap dog a small dog kept as a pet.
lapel an extension of a collar down the front of the chest and folded back toward it over the front of the garment.
lapful as much or many as can be held on a lap.
lapidary one whose work is to cut, polish, or engrave gemstones, or the work itself. [5 definitions]
lapin a rabbit or its fur, esp. as prepared for wear as clothing.
lapis lazuli an opaque blue stone used as a semiprecious gem and in pigment. [2 definitions]
lap joint a joint, as of wooden pieces, in which two ends are partially trimmed and then fastened to form a flush surface.
Lapland a region in the northern part of Scandinavia and the northwestern tip of Russia that is inhabited mainly by Lapps.
Lapp a member of the Finnic people that inhabits Lapland. [2 definitions]
lappet a small loose flap or fold of cloth on a garment or head covering. [2 definitions]
lap robe a small blanket used to cover a person's lap and legs, as while watching outdoor sports.
Lapsang of or designating a variety of Chinese tea with a smoky flavor.
lapse a usu. minor, temporary, or unintentional decline from or failure to meet some established or accepted standard. [9 definitions]
lapsus (Latin) an error, slip, or lapse.
laptop shortened form of "laptop computer."
laptop computer a portable personal computer, light enough to rest on one's lap.