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lap robe a small blanket used to cover a person's lap and legs, as while watching outdoor sports.
Lapsang of or designating a variety of Chinese tea with a smoky flavor.
lapse a usu. minor, temporary, or unintentional decline from or failure to meet some established or accepted standard. [9 definitions]
lapsus (Latin) an error, slip, or lapse.
laptop shortened form of "laptop computer."
laptop computer a portable personal computer, light enough to rest on one's lap.
lapwing a European plover that has a narrow, upswept crest, or any of several related birds.
larboard the left-hand side of a ship as one faces the bow; port. [2 definitions]
larcenous of, like, or constituting larceny. [2 definitions]
larceny the stealing of another's personal property; theft.
larch any of several trees that bear cones and resemble evergreens but shed their needles in fall; tamarack. [2 definitions]
lard the rendered fat of pigs, used in cooking. [4 definitions]
larder a storage place or room for food, or the supply of food so stored.
lardon a strip of bacon, pork, or other fat used to lard meat.
lares in the religion of ancient Rome, gods or spirits, as of ancestors, that watched over a household.
lares and penates see lares, penates. [2 definitions]
largando allargando.
large of greater size, amount, scope, or proportion than the average; not small. [2 definitions]
large calorie see calorie.
largehearted characterized by sympathy, kindness, and generosity.
large intestine in vertebrates, the relatively large section of the intestines that includes the cecum, colon, and rectum.