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laptop computer a portable personal computer, light enough to rest on one's lap.
lapwing a European plover that has a narrow, upswept crest, or any of several related birds.
larboard the left-hand side of a ship as one faces the bow; port. [2 definitions]
larcenous of, like, or constituting larceny. [2 definitions]
larceny the stealing of another's personal property; theft.
larch any of several trees that bear cones and resemble evergreens but shed their needles in fall; tamarack. [2 definitions]
lard the rendered fat of pigs, used in cooking. [4 definitions]
larder a storage place or room for food, or the supply of food so stored.
lardon a strip of bacon, pork, or other fat used to lard meat.
lares in the religion of ancient Rome, gods or spirits, as of ancestors, that watched over a household.
lares and penates see "lares," "penates." [2 definitions]
largando allargando.
large of greater size, amount, scope, or proportion than the average; not small. [2 definitions]
large calorie see "calorie."
largehearted characterized by sympathy, kindness, and generosity.
large intestine in vertebrates, the relatively large section of the intestines that includes the cecum, colon, and rectum.
largely in large part; to a large extent; chiefly. [2 definitions]
large-minded tolerant in one's views; liberal or broad-minded.
largemouth bass a freshwater food and game fish found in warm, sluggish waters.
larger-than-life having qualities or behaviors that seem magnified or exaggerated beyond those of ordinary human beings; impressive; imposing.
large-scale large in scope or extent. [2 definitions]