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largely in large part; to a large extent; chiefly. [2 definitions]
large-minded tolerant in one's views; liberal or broad-minded.
largemouth bass a freshwater food and game fish found in warm, sluggish waters.
larger-than-life having qualities or behaviors that seem magnified or exaggerated beyond those of ordinary human beings; impressive; imposing.
large-scale large in scope or extent. [2 definitions]
largess liberality in giving, esp. money, and often with an implication of the giver's superiority. [2 definitions]
larghetto moderately slow; somewhat faster than largo (used as a musical direction). [2 definitions]
largish somewhat or rather large.
largo in a slow, solemn, or stately manner (used as a musical direction). [2 definitions]
lari the smaller monetary unit of the Maldives. (Cf. rupee.)
lariat a long rope with a slipping noose at one end, used to catch running animals such as cattle or horses.
lark1 any of various songbirds with a long hind claw, esp. the skylark. [2 definitions]
lark2 a gay, carefree adventure or amusement. [4 definitions]
larkspur any of several plants that bear bright, spurred flowers in blue, pink, or white on an upright stalk; delphinium.
larrigan a knee-high boot that has a moccasin foot, worn esp. by woodsmen.
larva a newly hatched, wingless insect, often in the form of a worm, before it undergoes metamorphosis into its adult form. [2 definitions]
laryngeal of, relating to, or near the larynx. [2 definitions]
laryngectomy an operation in which all or part of the larynx is removed.
laryngitis an inflammation of the larynx, usu. marked by difficulty in making the voice audible.
laryngo- larynx.
laryngoscope a medical instrument used to examine the interior of the larynx.