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lawgiver one who makes or approves laws; legislator. [2 definitions]
lawless violating or not heeding the law, often habitually. [2 definitions]
lawmaker one who makes or approves laws; legislator.
lawman a male officer of the law, such as a marshal, sheriff, or constable.
lawn1 a stretch or plot of ground planted with grass or other low-growing ground covers and usu. mowed short.
lawn2 a fine, sheer, woven fabric, usu. of cotton or linen.
lawn bowling a game played on a smooth lawn, in which the players roll wooden balls as close as possible to a smaller target ball.
lawn mower a machine with a rotary blade that cuts the grass of a lawn.
lawn tennis tennis when played on a grass court.
lawrencium a synthetic radioactive chemical element that has 103 protons in each nucleus. (symbol: Lw)
lawsuit a case prosecuted in a court of law.
law-woman a female officer of the law, such as a marshal, sheriff, or constable.
lawyer one whose profession is to advise clients about legal matters and conduct lawsuits in court; attorney.
lawyering the practice of law, or the profession of being a lawyer (sometimes used disparagingly).
lax not rigorous, strict, or careful; loose; lenient. [3 definitions]
laxative a substance used medicinally to relieve constipation. [2 definitions]
laxity the state or quality of being careless or slack; looseness.
lay1 to place, put, or spread (something long or flat) over a surface. [16 definitions]
lay2 of the laity, as distinguished from the clergy. [2 definitions]
lay3 past tense of lie2.
lay analyst a psychoanalyst who has no medical degree.