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leave1 to depart or go away from. [10 definitions]
leave2 permission. [3 definitions]
leave3 to grow leaves, as a tree.
leave alone to allow or cause to be apart from or undisturbed by others. [2 definitions]
leave behind to leave or go ahead without bringing (something or someone). [2 definitions]
leaved having a leaf, leaves, or a particular kind or number of leaves (usu. used in combination).
leave in the lurch to abandon (someone) in an embarrassing or difficult position.
leaven to produce fermentation in (dough or batter), consequently causing the dough or batter to rise in the process of baking. [4 definitions]
leavening an agent such as yeast or baking powder that causes the formation of carbon dioxide gas in batter or dough, causing it to expand and rise. [2 definitions]
leave no stone unturned to use every means possible; consider every possibility.
leave off to cease; stop. [3 definitions]
leave out to not put in or not include (something); omit.
leave over to allow (something) to remain unfinished, unconsumed, or unused.
leaves pl. of leaf.
leave-taking a parting or farewell; departure.
leavings leftovers; remnants; residue.
Lebanon a Middle Eastern country on the eastern Mediterranean coast north of Israel.
Lebensraum space for living (German); additional land or territory desired by a nation for its political and economic expansion.
lebkuchen (sometimes cap.) a type of hard or chewy cookie containing citron, nuts, and honey.
Lebynthos an island in the Aegean Sea over which, according to Greek mythology, Daedalus and Icarus flew while escaping Crete.
lecher one, esp. a man, who is excessively concerned with sexual pleasure and stimulation.