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legally in a way that obeys the law.
legal pad a pad of yellow or white ruled paper measuring eight and one-half by fourteen inches.
legal separation a legal agreement in which a husband and wife agree to live apart but are not divorced.
legal-size designating paper having an approximate size of eight and one-half by fourteen inches. [2 definitions]
legal tender money that may be offered to satisfy a debt and that must, by law, be accepted by the creditor.
legate an official envoy or representative, esp. a papal representative.
legatee one who receives or inherits a legacy.
legation the legate and staff of a diplomatic mission in a foreign country. [3 definitions]
legato in a smooth, even, and connected style, with no noticeable breaks between the notes (used as a musical direction).
legend a popular story that has been handed down from earlier generations and cannot be verified, or a collection of such stories, esp. as they relate to a specific person or people. [4 definitions]
legendary of, based on, or like a legend.
legendry legends collectively.
legerdemain magic tricks, or skill in the performance of magical illusions; sleight of hand. [2 definitions]
legged having legs, esp. of a designated kind or number (often used in combination).
legging (often pl.) a covering of canvas, leather, or the like for the lower leg or sometimes the whole leg.
leggy having particularly long legs.
leghorn (usu. cap.) any of a Mediterranean breed of domestic chicken raised for its ability to lay many white eggs. [3 definitions]
legible capable of being deciphered; readable.
legion an ancient Roman army unit consisting of infantrymen combined with a relatively smaller number of cavalrymen. [4 definitions]
legionary of, referring to, or constituting a legion or legions. [2 definitions]
legionnaire a member of a legion such as the American Legion or Foreign Legion.