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lessen to become or make smaller in degree, amount, or size.
lesser comp. of less. [3 definitions]
lesser-known less well-known.
lesser panda a small reddish brown carnivore related to the raccoon that has a long, bushy, ringed tail and that is native to the Himalayas.
lesson a period of instruction in which particular things are taught, or a particular thing or set of things that are to be learned or studied. [6 definitions]
lessor one who lets property to another by lease.
lest against a possibility that. [2 definitions]
-let small or lesser.
let to allow; permit. [8 definitions]
let bygones be bygones to forgive and forget former quarrels.
letdown a disappointment. [3 definitions]
let down to fail to satisfy; disappoint. [3 definitions]
let go to stop holding; set free. [2 definitions]
lethal intended to cause or capable of causing death or extreme harm; deadly.
lethargic feeling lethargy; without energy. [2 definitions]
lethargize to make lethargic; bring into a state of lethargy.
lethargy a state of having very low energy with drowsiness and apathy; lassitude.
Lethe in Greek and Roman mythology, the river in Hades whose water causes loss of memory in those who drink it. [2 definitions]
let off to release, as from punishment; excuse.
let off steam (informal) to express pent-up anger or frustration in speech or action.
let one's hair down to become more relaxed and less inhibited.