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letter carrier someone who delivers mail, usu. an employee of the postal service.
lettered marked or inscribed with letters. [2 definitions]
letterhead an inscription printed on stationery, usu. containing a name and address. [2 definitions]
lettering the process, act, or art of forming letters by printing or writing. [2 definitions]
letterman a male student who has earned a letter for proficiency in a sport.
letter of credit a letter from a bank authorizing the bearer to withdraw specified sums of money, usu. from other banks, finance houses, or agencies, to be charged to the bank that issued the letter.
letter of marque formerly, a government document that authorized a ship captain to seize the ships of other nations.
letter opener a knifelike tool used to open sealed envelopes.
letter-perfect correct or accurate in every detail.
letterpress a method of printing characters from raised type as opposed to flat or intaglio plates or blocks. [2 definitions]
letters patent a government-issued document granting a person a patent or exclusive right to sell or otherwise profit from an invention or process.
let the cat out of the bag to reveal a secret.
Lettish Latvian.
lettuce any of several varieties of a common, edible annual plant that has large, crisp leaves. [2 definitions]
letup a stop, pause, or momentary relief. [2 definitions]
let up to cease or diminish.
leu the chief monetary unit of Rumania, equaling one hundred bani.
leucine an amino acid, essential in the diet of humans and other animals, that is found in proteins.
leuco- variant of leuko-.
leukemia any of a group of cancers of bone marrow, usu. resulting in an abnormally high production of white blood cells.
leuko- white; colorless.