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liberal education an education based on the liberal arts.
liberalism the condition or quality of being liberal. [2 definitions]
liberality openness and generosity. [3 definitions]
liberalize to make or become more liberal.
liberate to free or release, esp. from bondage, oppression, or captivity. [2 definitions]
liberation the act of liberating, or an instance or state of being liberated. [2 definitions]
liberation theology a kind of Catholic theology, practiced esp. by clergy members in Central and South America, advocating social activism against political, economic, or social oppression.
Liberia a West African country on the Atlantic coast between Sierra Leone and the Ivory Coast.
libertarian one who espouses liberty of thought and action as the primary value. [3 definitions]
libertine a person who acts without moral restraint or conscience, esp. in sexual behavior. [2 definitions]
liberty freedom from bondage, oppression, or captivity. [5 definitions]
Liberty Bell the bronze bell of Philadelphia's Independence Hall, rung on July 8, 1776, to proclaim the independence of the United States.
libidinous of or pertaining to the libido. [2 definitions]
libido a person's instinctual drives and desires, associated in Freudian analysis with the id, esp. sexual desire and energy.
Libra a summer zodiacal constellation located between Virgo and Scorpius; Scales. [3 definitions]
libra1 in ancient Rome, a unit of weight equal to approximately twelve ounces; pound.
libra2 a former gold coin of Peru.
librarian a person trained to work in a library, or who maintains a particular collection of books.
library a place where books, periodicals, films, records, and other materials are housed for access and study, and from which they may be borrowed. [2 definitions]
Library of Congress the national library of the United States, originally established by Congress for its members' use, but now serving the public and registering national and international copyright information.
library science the study of library organization, operation, services, and management.