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lied a German ballad or art song.
Liederkranz trademark for a soft strong-flavored cheese.
lie detector an instrument that tracks a person's vital signs and records changes in them as a measure of the truthfulness of the subject's statements while being tested; polygraph.
lie down to put yourself into a flat, resting position.
liege a feudal lord or sovereign entitled to allegiance and service. [4 definitions]
liegeman a feudal vassal; subject. [2 definitions]
lie in state of a corpse, to be exhibited in public prior to burial so that others may pay their respects.
lie in wait to await a chance to make a surprise attack.
lien a legal claim on a piece of property when the current owner is in default on a debt or obligation.
lieu the place formerly occupied by something or someone.
lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force, Army, or Marine Corps, an officer ranking just below captain; first lieutenant. [4 definitions]
lieutenant colonel a U.S. military officer whose rank is above that of major and below that of colonel.
lieutenant commander an officer in the U.S. Navy or Coast Guard whose rank is above that of lieutenant and below that of commander.
lieutenant general a U.S. military officer whose rank is above that of major general and below that of general.
lieutenant governor in the United States, an elected official of a state who ranks just below the governor and who assumes the governor's position in the event of the latter's absence or death. [2 definitions]
lieutenant junior grade an officer in the U.S. Navy whose rank is above that of ensign and below that of lieutenant.
life the state of being that distinguishes animals and plants from rocks, minerals, and other nonliving matter. [10 definitions]
life belt a life preserver that fastens around a person's waist like a belt.
lifeblood the blood essential to life. [2 definitions]
lifeboat a ship's boat designed for rapid rescue of persons, or a similar boat used from shore.
life buoy a buoyant ring-shaped device usu. kept on boats, used to keep a person afloat until he or she can be rescued.