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likewise as well; also. [3 definitions]
liking a feeling of preference, enjoyment, or fondness. [2 definitions]
likuta the smaller monetary unit of Zaire. (Cf. zaire.)
lilac a hardy, widely cultivated shrub bearing large clusters of purple, white, or pink flowers. [3 definitions]
lilangeni the chief monetary unit of Swaziland, equaling one hundred cents.
Lilliput in Jonathan Swift's eighteenth-century satire Gulliver's Travels, a land inhabited by people who are about six inches tall.
Lilliputian of or relating to Lilliput. [4 definitions]
Lilongwe the capital of Malawi.
lilt a pleasing variation in musical tone or rhythm. [3 definitions]
lily any of several plants grown from a bulb and bearing large bell-shaped or trumpet-shaped flowers. [4 definitions]
lily-livered lacking courage; meek.
lily of the valley a widely cultivated perennial of the lily family having small, white, very fragrant bell-shaped flowers.
lily pad the large, flat, floating leaf of a water lily.
lily-white white as a lily. [4 definitions]
Lima the capital of Peru.
lima bean any of several plants that bear broad pods containing large green or white edible seeds. [2 definitions]
limb1 a main branch of a tree. [3 definitions]
limb2 an edge or border that differs in appearance or structure from the surface or object it borders, such as the visible edge of a heavenly body.
limbed having a specified kind of limb (usu. used in combination).
limber bending or flexing easily; pliant. [4 definitions]
limbic in anatomy, pertaining to or characterized by a limbus, or border between two bodily structures.