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Lima the capital of Peru.
lima bean any of several plants that bear broad pods containing large green or white edible seeds. [2 definitions]
limb1 a main branch of a tree. [3 definitions]
limb2 an edge or border that differs in appearance or structure from the surface or object it borders, such as the visible edge of a heavenly body.
limbed having a specified kind of limb (usu. used in combination).
limber bending or flexing easily; pliant. [4 definitions]
limbic in anatomy, pertaining to or characterized by a limbus, or border between two bodily structures.
limbic system a set of brain structures, located at the border (or limbus) separating the cerebral hemisphere from the brain stem, that support emotional responses, behavior, memory formation, and olfaction.
limbo1 (often cap.) in theology, a place neither in heaven nor hell for souls neither saved nor condemned, such as those of unbaptized infants. [2 definitions]
limbo2 a West Indian dance in which the dancer bends backwards and passes under a horizontal pole that is lowered after each pass.
Limburger a soft, white cheese having a strong odor and flavor.
limbus in anatomy, a distinct border or edge between two structures.
lime1 any of various forms of calcium oxide, a whitish powder or granular substance used in mortars and cement, making steel and paper, and improving acidic soils. [4 definitions]
lime2 a small green citrus fruit similar to a lemon. [2 definitions]
lime3 any of several European linden trees.
limeade a drink made of lime juice, water, and a sweetener, usu. served cold.
limekiln a furnace for making lime by heating limestone or shells.
limelight the center of public attention. [2 definitions]
limen in physiology or psychology, the threshold of a response.
limerick a humorous poem that has five lines, with the first two lines rhyming with the last, and the third and fourth forming a separately rhymed couplet.
limestone a sedimentary rock of calcium carbonate formed mostly from animal remains such as shells and used in building and in manufacturing cement, lime, and carbon dioxide.