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limo (informal) limousine.
Limoges a city in south central France. [2 definitions]
limousine a large, luxurious, private automobile, often driven by a chauffeur. [2 definitions]
limp1 to walk in an uneven, labored, lame manner. [3 definitions]
limp2 not stiff, rigid, or firm; floppy or flabby. [2 definitions]
limpet any of various small marine snails that have caplike shells and cling tightly to rocks.
limpid perfectly clear; transparent. [3 definitions]
limy consisting of or containing lime or limestone. [2 definitions]
linage the number of lines of print in an article, advertisement, or the like. [2 definitions]
linchpin a locking pin inserted through the end of a shaft to hold a wheel or other moving part. [2 definitions]
Lincoln the capital of Nebraska. [2 definitions]
Lincoln's Birthday a U.S. national holiday observed on February 12 commemorating the birthday of President Abraham Lincoln.
linden any of several shade trees that have large, heart-shaped leaves and bear fragrant yellowish blossoms.
line1 a thin, unbroken, elongated mark, as made on a surface. [19 definitions]
line2 to cover the inner side of. [2 definitions]
lineage1 descent from or the descendants of a common or particular ancestor or ancestry. [2 definitions]
lineage2 variant of linage.
lineal being in some direct line of descent or succession. [3 definitions]
lineament (often pl.) a distinguishing shape or outline, esp. of a face or feature. [2 definitions]
linear of or similar to a line; straight. [6 definitions]
linear measure any measurement of length, or measurement of length generally. [2 definitions]