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line of credit a statement by a bank, credit card company, department store, or the like agreeing to extend a certain amount of credit to the person named on the statement. [2 definitions]
line of fire the path of a fired bullet or shell. [2 definitions]
line of force the imaginary line in a field of electrical or magnetic force that indicates the direction taken by that force.
line of scrimmage an imaginary line on a football field, parallel to the goal line, where the ball rests and at which the two teams line up at the start of each play.
line one's pockets to gain profit, esp. by deceitful dealing.
liner1 a commercial ship or airplane, esp. one carrying passengers on a regular route. [3 definitions]
liner2 a protective inner or outer lining or cover, often removable. [2 definitions]
linesman in sports such as tennis and football, an official who assists the referee, as by observing particular violations. [2 definitions]
lineup an arrangement of people or things in a line or row, as for identification or inspection. [4 definitions]
line up to form a line, one person after the other.
-ling one connected with. [3 definitions]
ling1 any of various edible marine fishes that resemble the cod.
ling2 heather.
Lingala a Bantu language used as a common language in Za´re.
linger to remain, or to be slow to leave. [5 definitions]
lingerie women's intimate clothing, such as underwear or nightwear.
lingo language that is specialized or hard for outsiders to understand, such as a foreign language or the terms of a particular trade, study, or profession.
lingua franca a hybrid language made up of elements of Italian, Spanish, French, Greek, Arabic, and Turkish, spoken in certain Mediterranean port areas. [2 definitions]
lingual of, concerning, or resembling the tongue. [4 definitions]
linguine pasta in long, thin, flat strips.
linguist a person who is fluent in several languages. [2 definitions]